1 Tap Mobile Games Take Over

The Mobile Tap Apps are Coming!

1 tap mobile games are taking over the App Store and Google Play.  From Flappy Birds to Timberman, 1 tap games are becoming increasingly popular in the casual mobile market.  What is a 1 tap game?  These are games require the player only to tap the screen to play the game.

With gameplay this simple how are these games becoming so popular?  A design tool called juice.  Juice has had a lot of different names over the years, including quality, fluff, feel, and polish.  What it means is the extra artistic pieces and “oomph” placed on top of a game.  Pieces such as particle and sound effects, exaggerated animations, and additional art that is not technically required for basic gameplay.  There’s a great lecture by Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho that gives a definition of juice as well as shows how it can improve a simple game.  You can (and should) give it a watch, you can find it here.

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AdVenture Capitalist by Kongregate

That’s not to say these games are skating by on juice alone.  Another key element to 1 tap games is they’re exceptionally easy to pick up and learn.  Typically the tutorial for a 1 tap game is no longer than a sentence, only a few words in most cases.  “Tap to Play” being the repeated mantra.  This reinforces the idea that being able to pick up a game and play in under five seconds is a key feature.

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I’m excited to say we’ve built a game that meets these 1 tap guidelines.  We have a single line instruction to play, and loaded in tons of juice.  I look forward to showing exactly how much you can do with a single tap.

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