Developers Haven at Brighton Develop Conference!

RSMG UK Team hit the Beach for Develop Conference!

It’s always a joy heading over to the aptly named Brighton. The colours, people and attitude of the place is very refreshing after a slog through central London. Though the weather was hit and miss, the  Develop Conference was warm and full of interesting people and exhibits, of which here are a few of my highlights.


Tuesday 11th 

The first day of the conference was heavily saturated with my desire to discover what new delights the indie developer scene had to offer. As frequent readers will be aware, Josh recently took part in the PGC:SF Big Indie Pitch as a Judge, and it was great to see the competition back in the UK where it was founded by Steel Media’s, Simon Aubrey Drake.

The evening event was more open than previous iterations, taking place within the function room of one of my more favoured pubs. Some of the most familiar faces of the industry were sat, ready to receive the nervous develops designs for the judging rotation.

The deserved winner of the competition was the intriguing MOBA, Space Krieg by We Heart Dragons. The beehive-esque space battler has some intriguing multiplayer, well realised in a mobile title.

Space Krieg by We Heart Dragons

I have to give a shout out for the 3rd place game, Lost Words by Sketchbook Games. I’ve been following this game for a few years since I first heard from an old colleague of mine, Mark Backler, that he was putting the project together. Following a storybook narrative, the player has to move around the words on the page in order to puzzle out the next stage of the game progression.

Lost Words by Sketchbook Games

Wednesday 12th

The second day of the conference was really about exploring the expo and checking out a few of the industry talks. Of particular interest was Lewis Denby’s talk, bringing PR and production inline for indie developers to maximise their chances of recognition in a saturated market. Your strongest marketing material is your game itself – so make sure it’s PR ready whilst still in production.

Game If You Are

On the expo show floor, there was a lot to see and try out, including some exciting jaunts into VR. At the back of the room was a game that really caught my eye. For Oculus and HTC Vive, Ground Runner Trials by Astrofish Games, was garnering attention with it’s high production values, incredible aesthetics and 3D printed motorcycles.

Ground Runner Trials by Astrofish Games

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it for the final day as I was recovering from the Wednesday Games party *glug* *glug*.

Next up on the UK event agenda is looking like EGX up in Birmingham, in September!

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