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A romp into a comic book world, crafted in augmented reality exclusively for the Occipital Bridge.


Step into another world
The game takes the player by the hand as they step out of a 2D graphic novel into the world of Refraction, using room tracking augmented reality. The narrative and art direction was created by seasoned VR specialist, Daniel Burwen.

Show me what you got
To showcase the capabilities of the client's hardware, we designed and crafted the game as a tech demo and key marketing material venture.

Combating adversity
The team overcame platform decision difficulties, building both with a new piece of tech in the Occipital Bridge and in SceneKit.

The whole world in your hand
Technically and graphically a new venture for our studio, Refraction is one of the first 3rd person brawler to hit mixed reality hardware for smart devices to date!



We have produced a comprehensive demo for the client, showcasing the unique selling points of their product, the Occipital Bridge.

The client was so elated with the product that we have re-entered development for it to add some more features, including motion controls and high level polish to really make Refractions shine.

The game will be coming to the Apple Appstore this year and can be played with the Occipital Bridge. Stay tuned to our Community page for the latest blogs and news about this project.

You can also take a look behind the scenes and keep up to date on Refractions social media channels:



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