Case study

Odyssey: The Next Generation Science Game

Design and implementation of logical thinking puzzles in a fresh, forward thinking science game.


The Science of Virtual Reality
We prepared the game in design, functionality and implementation, for PC VR devices.

A real puzzler
After thorough research we formulated and developed intricate, logic based puzzles inline with the core themes of the game's story.

A niche market
The themes and mechanics harken back to the days of Myst, a strong legacy to follow with intricate and engaging narrative and visuals.

Expectations managed
During the course of the project, we were in constant communication with the client, facilitating revisions and acting as consultants for all game areas.



Working with The Young Socratics was fantastic and a great oppertunity to work with VR.

We prepared and refined the build for the clients desired VR iteration, starting with only the Gaze interface they had integrated.

After much tweaking and testing, we advised the client that a VR iteration of their game would not be suitable or commercially viable with their allocated budget on that element of the project. We pushed ahead with the PC only iteration which

We researched, designed and integrated an array of gorgeous 3D historic artifacts needed to uncover the secrets of the game. We also crafted finely tuned puzzles that engaged the players pursuit of the narrative as well as expressing the history of astronomy and mechanics, all tailored to their target audience of 8-12 year old children and the clients USPs.

Happily, their game surpassed their Kickstarter goal by 300% using marketing materials gathered both from their and ours.

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