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Robot Sea Monster Games have been developing software since 2015, with some of the industry’s most prolific and creative developers in its roster. Founded by Josh Rose, a serial entrepreneur who has designed, produced or been an executive on over 40 games, they operate with a few core principles: shipping the highest quality products, combining exquisite user experiences with intuitive design and delivering passion in everything they do.

The studio houses some of the most experienced and talented veterans of the industry, fostering a strong network and the knowledge to focus on engaging experiences for clients and consumers. The studio also proudly bolsters their User Created Content initiative, which combines strong community development, active developer insight and ongoing care beyond the value of player in monetary terms alone.


A romp into a comic book world, crafted in augmented...


Team Bike Challenge

A non-profit organisation gamification application, from GDD to live, with...


Odyssey: The Next Generation Science Game

Design and implementation of logical thinking puzzles in a fresh,...


Pop Quest

A reimagining of a client prototype, crafted with limited budget...



An internal project, crafted in Unity and designed as a...


Brooklyn MicroGrid

Intuitive and critically acclaimed companion block-chain app, driving solar energy...

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