Triumphant Return of the European Women In Games Conference!

WomenInGames Conference gets its 7th year conference underway at East London Arts and Music

by Stephanie Warwick – September 7 2017

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Celebrating Diversity

It was my first year attending the European WomenInGames Conference here in “sunny” London, though I had thought to for some time but lacked the time to do so. The 2 day extravaganza kicked off with the introductions to WIG ambassadors, CEO Marie Claire Isaaman, ¬†sponsors, and alike before moving swiftly into the Tuesday agenda.

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Pop Up Picture Book Puzzler

The Upper Theatres first talk regarded the games design work that crafted the highly unique, critically acclaimed smart device, Steam, and Nintendo Wii U game “Tengami” by games studio NyamNyam.

Games’ designer and programmer, Jennifer Schneiderelt, went into detail about how assets were made to fold in a convincing as true-to-life pop up book. The level environments manipulation helped to solve puzzles and tell the overall narrative of the tale, inspired by both her time living and working in Toyko, and by her lead artists culture and passions for his native country.

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Tackling the Unconcious Bias

After a quick spot of lunch and networking, we were introduced to Google’s David Benson as he lead us through the Unconcious Bias presentation. A truly eye-opening and shocking set of studies and statistics which unveil the daily prejudices we all subconciously engage with and, for the most part, we do this because it’s quickest descision which requires the least information. All is not lost, however, as the presentation lists 4 actions we can all take to start shifting the way society thinks to bring equality to all, as shown below. A poingnent presentation with learning for all genders, and pretty apt at the WomenInGames conf.

Speculations on the Future of Mobile VR, AR and MR

Whilst it’s always great to have an open dialect regarding one of the most money and experience rich, up-and-coming industries for the gaming sector, I can’t help but feel we tend to rehash existing arguments, opinions, and statistics.

From a commercial perspective, the talk was bang on the money in utilising the tech for non gaming sectors such as medical, military and mechanical. From a marketing perspective, I felt disappointed that we are still no closer to cracking the ever elusive monetisation and lucrative price point discussions¬†all are desperate to draw actionable items from. It’s not enough to say “VR for mobile will monetise” as we know that just isn’t true.

Minos Starfighter on GooglePlay with Cardboard

We’ve a very different audience embracing headsets. Even with the lower start-up costs to get moving with a Samsung Gear VR, getting a casual gamer to strap a phone to their face, jumping the 2 stores hurdle, and navigate the highly varied quality of content just doesn’t fit the fast paced, little and often diet of the average mobile gamer. At that’s all before you can even think about a bag of 25 gems for $1.99.

I’m hearing rumours about immersive product placement, and I can only begin to speculate on how risky and immoral that could be if not handled with finese and hardware consumer research.

Whatever happens, it’s exciting and intriguing to be in the thick of such monemental industry shifts, and following WomenInGames is a great way to

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