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1 Tap Mobile Games Take Over

1 tap mobile games are taking over the App Store and Google Play.  From Flappy Birds to Timberman, 1 tap games are becoming increasingly popular in the casual mobile market.  What is a 1 tap game?  These are games require the player only to tap the screen to play the game.  With gameplay this simple [...]

Welcome Our New Creative Director

We’re happy to announce that David Christensen has joined Robot Sea Monster Games as Creative Director.  An excessively talented artist, David’s previous work includes Hungry Shark: Evolution, Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge, Heroes & Havoc, and more.  

Upgrades and Great Things to Come

We went bit radio silent at Robot Sea Monster Games lately, so I’d like to get everyone caught up on what’s been happening.  First things first, we've received a couple emails asking why ColorSlam is no longer in the stores. Its simple; we learned a lot from our test launch, and, having learned all that [...]

Josh Rose Presents Giving Credit to Other People

We all know a couple game design superstars: Notch, Molyneux, Will Wright. While all good designers, sometimes we can get caught up in giving major names credit for an entire game. It is easy to associate a genre and a mark of quality with a designer name. Its also easier to market a designer as [...]

ColorSlam Launches Beta on Apple App Store

We've slammed into the App Store! Now Apple users can catch the ColorSlam beta and lead their little blue blobs to victory against their wily multi-colored enemies. A simple strategy game, ColorSlam, merges in depth strategic choices with fast casual mobile play. With 7 unique power ups you can create a play style that fits [...]

Apple App Store to Finally Get Color Slam

Hear that crunch? We're taking a bite into the Apple App store, where we've submitted Color Slam! You iOS folks knew we didn't forget you - right?! Soon you'll be able to slam multi-colored enemies and bask in the wily glory of victory. Stay up to date on all the fun things Color Slam is [...]

Download the Color Slam Open Beta on Google Play

Color Slam - now available on Google Play! Yes, we know it took a while. It's worth the wait! So, grab your Android device and slam your enemies across a large number of challenging levels. Be sure to use all the awesome power ups (7 of them!) and get ready to beat masterful computer A.I.. [...]

A New Indie Game Developer

We are ecstatic to finally announce that we exist! Our baby, Color Slam is prepping to burst onto the scene, and now that its getting closer we are happy to shout: We are Robot Sea Monster Games! We have come to rock! Err!  We have come to make awesome games.  Head over to our Facebook [...]