Blue Shield Bike Challenge

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Blue Shield Bike Challenge


Blue Shield of California




Blue Shield of California provides health, dental, vision, Medicaid, and Medicare healthcare service plans. With more than 7,500 employees, they serve over 4.5 million members and generate $21 billion in revenue. The company contributed more than $192 million in the last five years to charitable causes.

Client Challenge

  • Recognized by Fortune as a Top 100 Company to work for, Blue Shield of California understands how important it is for employees to be active and to give back to their communities
  • In that spirit, they created the California Bike Challenge to encourage employees to track their biking activity; for every mile ridden, Blue Shield of California contributed to the California Bike Coalition
  • They looked for an experienced partner to create an app that allowed users to track their biking activity by logging miles on on outdoor rides and indoor stationary bikes

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster responded to the challenge by designing and developing comprehensive Android and iOS mobile apps that allowed employees to track their individual and team miles, plus monitor their collective success by checking the charity progress tracker to measure their progress towards the 20,000 mile goal
  • The app also encouraged social networking, using profiles and leaderboards to help users compare personal and team stats to compete for the highest ranks
  • As a result, the California Bike Challenge was a success for both employee participation and fundraising

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