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Brooklyn Microgrid


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Brooklyn Microgrid is a prototype community microgrid in Brooklyn, NY, whose purpose is to create and manage a local energy network tied to but independent from the power grid. Their mission is to provide 100% renewable energy and to guarantee resilience during power emergencies.

Client Challenge

  • The founder and CIO of LO3 Energy needed a development partner to help prove the viability of two critical components of clean energy infrastructure:
    • A peer-to-peer network of local solar power users
    • A secure trading system based on blockchain tech
  • LO3 Energy wanted a microgrid based on clean energy generation, storage, plus a trading platform would allow consumers to bypass the electric utility
  • The goal of the Brooklyn Microgrid demo was to operate independent of the power grid, sell energy back to the grid, and perform on its own during power failures

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster developed the first app in the U.S. to support a peer-to-peer microgrid and establish an energy-trading marketplace using blockchain technology
  • The app was featured in The New York Times, focusing on Brooklyn Microgrid’s experimental solar network and the innovation underlying its virtual trading platform
  • Robot Sea Monster extended this proof of concept by creating a white label version of the app localized for Germany, Australia, and Bangladesh

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