Ninja Revinja

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Ninja Revinja


Sizzle Entertainment






Sizzle Entertainment produced the hit game Ninja Revinja, a mobile endless runner mobile game, which ranked in the App Store’s Top 10 in seven countries and received over two million downloads.

Client Challenge

  • Despite the huge popularity of Ninja Revinja, the game publisher was looking for significant improvement in player retention and monetization
  • The original development team had never built an action game before and was inexperienced at designing gameplay
  • As a result, the team also was unfamiliar with the analytic tools needed to study user actions
  • In addition, the codebase was not optimized to advance players through the game systematically
  • The head of Sizzle Entertainment reached out to Robot Sea Monster to correct these limitations and turn the game into a money maker

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • To inform and focus the redesign effort, Robot Sea Monster integrated Google Analytics to analyze per-screen user actions and player progress through the game levels
  • We improved the first-time user experience by starting players at a tutorial level and walked them through the game mechanics
  • Throughout the game, we modified the player progression and power-up economy, allowing players to gain more advantages the longer they played
  • To support these and other gameplay adjustments, we re-wrote the code to optimize game performance and user experience

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