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Pocket Gems


Pocket Gems





Pocket Gems seeks to build the greatest mobile games and most compelling interactive entertainment in the world. Their products have been downloaded over 500 million times and have grossed over $1 billion in revenue.

Client Challenge

  • Pocket Gems needs skilled Unity developers to help produce rapid prototypes for games under development and to face aggressive internal deadlines. Although Unity developers may be plentiful in general, highly-skilled, battle-tested talent who can meet the Pocket Gems quality bar is very scarce.
  • In addition, while embedded talent is not one of Robot Sea Monster’s typical service offerings, we accept these specialty assignments in the spirit of partnership with top-tier game developers. They also give us excellent opportunities for cross-training.

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Robot Sea Monster treats Unity developers who join the Pocket Gems teams as members of our own staff. In other words, we recruit, onboard, and train them as we do for our own high-performing developers:
  • All Pocket Gems candidates follow our rigorous internal testing and extensive interview process
  • The new recruits initially work on Robot Sea Monster client projects to evaluate their fit for the embedded role
  • We ensure that the embedded team members with Pocket Gems have backup on the Robot Sea Monster team

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