The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy

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The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy


Fabricated Madness


NFT Games



Fabricated Madness creates NFT trading cards, games, and animated shorts on a carbon-neutral blockchain called WAX. They are currently developing Dr. Zammsy, a new franchise based on imaginative characters and stories set in a fantasy/sci-fi universe.

Client Challenge

  • Fabricated Madness, the team behind Dr. Zammsy, launched their new franchise by selling NFTs for d-cards
  • They were now prepared to create the game economy to drive the Dr. Zammsy experience. At this stage they were seeking a partner with game design and cryptocurrency experience to build a lean prototype
  • Two additional conditions were important in selecting the right partner — a team that could incorporate their existing art and one that could support a regenerative economy

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Robot Sea Monster Solution

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  • Working closely with the client to get the right game feel, Robot Sea Monster built the Dr. Zammsy prototype in Unity with five levels of difficulty aimed at different age groups
  • Very pleased with the result, the Dr. Zammsy team has launched their Set 3 cards, while we are in full game development
  • To educate gamers new to NFTs and blockchain, Robot Sea Monster and Fabricated Madness teamed up to publish a white paper that provides the framework needed to understand tokens, the gameplay, and more

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