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Brooklyn MicroGrid

Intuitive and critically acclaimed companion block-chain app, driving solar energy with community spirit.


Green Power
The Brooklyn Microgrid encourages the community to convert to renewable solar energy by allowing them to buy energy from local solar panel owner via this sleek and stylised application.

Customer Control
During production, we continually evaluate both the client and customer feedback and apply the top demands to the evolving application.

Be a Prosumer
The UI has been streamlined to suit both a casual and a pro user. In order to fully hear and receive consumer and client feedback, team members traveled to LO3 HQ regularly, immersing in the client community events and interview with their most engaged users.

Ask and you shall receive
Inbuilt system that allows and encourages non-Brooklyn inhabitants to vote and promote their part of the world to become a new microgrid!



Getting the exciting, ground-breaking innovation into an easily accessible form was the biggest challenge for the client. In terms of knowledge in engineering and the energy industry, LO3 are very much at the very top of their professional and intellectual game. But the problem lead to exactly that: making their fantastic idea gamified.

LO3 understood that the best way to educate and convert their customers and community would be to make their tech digestible, understandable and accessible to any level of user. With that in mind, Robot Sea Monster Games prepared the Brooklyn MicrogGrid application, initially for internal Beta testing and press demoing but are still working on it to date, for a full commercial launch in the future.

With a heavy focus on ease of use and stylistic design, the application is community customised to appeal to high level solar energy customers and to more casual users. Map API has been integrated so the BMG community can mark locations that they would like to become a “PV” site – the more that vote the more chance it has of being backed by LO3 and becoming the newest microgrid!

The creative director on this project is David Christensen. Find out more about his credentials here: Click here.


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